Capture smarter assessment data

Create any number of questions across a range of types and modalities. Key types include:

  • Text & image drag-and-drop

  • Multiple choice

  • Cloze passages

  • Long answer with marking keywords

  • Performances with rubrics

  • Online documents like Office 365 and Google

  • Short answer (our short text answering is superb)

  • Mathematics (with all its symbols and characters)

  • Information slides like PowerPoint

  • .. and our famous Scribo where you set the interactions based on graphics and PDFs


Connect your trusted content to skills, curriculum links, cognitive levels & more - all to give you awesome insights into learning.

Make every interaction an opportunity for learning by easily adding media support, guidance and feedback. Whatever you create, share with colleagues!

Build libraries, share questions, adapt and direct learning 

Assessment “For, Of & As” – made easy!

direct assessment, effortlessly

Many teachers like to direct exact questions and the order in which they are asked. After all, not all student assessment needs to be created by computer algorithms. (we do that too!) 

For many good reasons, teachers might:

  1. want to assign exact questions to align assessment for learning to a specific context

  2. create specific revision, pre- or post-test quizzes to measure across the class, where re-teaching is required

  3. direct homework at various levels to nominated groups of students

  4. create a formal exam, in-class or cross-cohort assessment

  5. include specific content from an online 'publisher library' to mix up assessment questions and levels

  6. Create a quick adaptive assessment to measure learning levels

Teachers continually put effort into finding and creating the right assessment content and context to support their instruction. 

You choose when to use assessments:

  • formatively (“for”) to assess prior learning

  • use questions with more detailed “hints” for assessment “as” learning

  • capture snapshots of students current knowledge, skills and understandings with summative assessments “of” learning


Our unique capabilities transform your assessments into online and even auto-marking content. Across a range of question modalities, Literatu quickly brings your materials into a highly agile online assessment library.

Literatu has over 48,000 questions available across a range of online assessment libraries. 

We add more questions every day across a range of local and international curriculum.

We build these libraries by working with publishers, schools and have our own team of question writers.  Participate and watch the libraries grow!

blend our resources into your assessment context

Depending on your region, Literatu offers a bevvy of professionally developed assessment questions, mapped across several national curricula and five main subjects. We have over 40,000 questions in total and rising. All questions have been created by specialist subject matter experts.

We have large content libraries for Cambridge O and A level Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry for Junior High School to Senior High School. These questions are mapped across the Singapore, Australian and Indian curriculum.

We supply primary Maths and English for years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All libraries have been aligned to multiple curricula contexts, making the materials high value for many schools. All content is supplied in English. 

We work with a range of publishers that add to online assessment libraries, suitable across many regions and curriculum formats.

Teachers subscribe and use our libraries to access assessment content they don't have themselves or to augment to their materials to create great student engagements.

Ask us for more information about our awesome assessment content libraries and how they can work in your context.

let students self-direct learning and assessment 

Every school wants to empower students to direct their own learning, knowing that self-motivated students are higher achieving students. Literatu gives al students access to personally adapted assessment activities they can use to quickly promote and extend their own learning. Because they are students – and this is the 21st Century – of course students can access Literatu’s self-directed learning features from any device and even a mobile app.


Students browse through subject and topic lists, creating revision activities from teacher created lists or a random selection of questions available to their teacher.


Working across any device (both online and offline), all activity results are tracked and saved. Students get instant results and feedback. All self-directed revision history is available to students and teachers to monitor.

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