A teacher’s life isn’t easy. That’s not why people become educators. Developing smart and friendly software isn’t easy either. That’s not why we do it. Through the challenges, both professions develop stronger instincts every day. Working together we form a strong partnership where each of our hard-earned instincts sync to improve student success.

Some say that education is being disrupted by technology, often by marginalizing teachers’ expertise. We believe the best educational outcomes happen when teachers’ instincts are amplified by awesome analytical insights. 

We believe technology should serve teachers and, for them to use it, it's got to be intuitive, rewarding and, most importantly, improve student learning and lead to great educational outcomes. The fact that you are reading this sentence, and we wrote it, means we have both found our passion and purpose. Our respective jobs are to help students build their sense of competence and to pursue their goals by engaging them with the best education we can collectively muster and deliver. Simply, we want to help make this happen by giving teachers better, quicker and more insightful information that leads them to natural action and student success. Also with student and parent apps, we provide up-to-the-second visibility on learning progress.

We develop Literatu to help teachers do their job with better information about their students. A great saying from a great teacher we know sums it all up, "When we know them, we can grow them". This really is what Literatu helps teachers do, 'know their students” in more detail than is possible without clear and relevant data.

Literatu is committed to help teachers achieve more personally meaningful outcomes for each learner by providing diagnostic and adaptive insights on their students, every day.

If you would like to know more about what we do and how we work, contact us or request a demonstration or review our whitepaper.

It's not about IT and AI (Artificial Intelligence),

but TI (Teachers' Instincts) and Awesome Insights

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