discover important teaching and learning insights currently hidden in NAPLAN and diagnostic data

Transform NAPLAN data into instant insights

NAPLAN Explorer surfaces powerful teaching and learning insights from data collected in national NAPLAN testing. For every school and teacher in Australia, access to important learning data is now available across some 8 years of NAPLAN data.

NAPLAN data is BIG learning data in every sense. Both the volume of quality learning data and the level of detail available per student makes NAPLAN data a significant source of longitudinal learning information for schools and teachers.
Current presentation of this data is typically referenced by static band and score statistics embedded in large PDF reports or confusing spreadsheets – good examples of what we call “data chaos.” We set out to re-imagine NAPLAN reporting by surfacing high value learning growth information, direct from data captured across several years of learning.

NAPLAN Explorer helps teachers target teaching by identifying where students need support

NAPLAN Explorer re-connects thousands of learning data points to build extensive learning and skill measurement metrics. 

  • Data insights for learning growth and teaching opportunities are now visible.

  • Teachers have immediate access to learning growth simulations over time.

  • Interactive dashboards help teachers target teaching opportunities and build positive strategies. 

"The best thing about NAPLAN Explorer is there is no training, no complexity and no extra work. The presentation of the data is striking. Teachers love it, and know how to use it in minutes."
For Principals and Department Heads
  • Instant access to school NAPLAN data via secure, interactive dashboards

  • Comparative scores across school years and subjects at class and student level

  • Multi-year trends of learning growth at subject level across the school

  • Detailed skill growth metrics across the school over time.

    •            By Class

    •            By Subject

    •            By Skills

  • Top 4 issues across the school, by class, subject and skill

  • Export underlying data sets to Microsoft Power BI for further analysis.

  • Build remediation and intervention strategies at school / faculty level

For Teachers
  • Instant access to NAPLAN data in the context of their class

  • Ability to track progress of class cohort over time, understanding where learning gaps emerged

  • Target teaching and interventions to remediate skill gaps at class and student level

  • Examine the learning growth per student per subject across the years

  • Better understand the impact student skill gaps will have on current teaching

For Students and Parents
  • Visibility of skill gaps across years

  • Transparency of learning growth over years

  • Increase ownership and engagement in student learning gaps, remediation and progress

NAPLAN Explorer adds value for all stakeholders

Every student is unique

Along the learning journey, volumes of data are collected. Rarely is it seen.  Literatu's student level analysis brings the whole story together:

  • Diagnostic test results and growth trends across tests like PAT and NAPLAN

  • School-sourced attendance, behavioral and pastoral data

  • Specific learning domains where teachers can focus attention

  • Formative insights live from Literatu that highlight skill strengths and gaps

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