"Making sense of learning data" doesn’t mean

“scary graphs and maths”


The second a student answers a question, you know what happened because Insights are immediate and engaging. Our dashboards are built as infographic metaphors that tell the learning story instead of complex whiz bang charts and box-plots. As you can see on this screen clip, we use a weather metaphor so teachers immediately see if it’s a “sunny day” or there might be a storm on the horizon.  Of course you can easily change the background graphics if you like a different metaphor (who are we to be bossy?).

Now imagine a classroom of students taking a test. As the teacher wouldn’t you want to see:

  • the exact questions that each student got right or wrong?

  • what concepts were troublesome for the class?

  • high and low scoring students?

  • the achievement spread and instantly identify outliers?

And for those interested, of course we also show key statistics like mean, median, mode and standard deviation – the maths isn’t so scary.

Now imagine seeing such overall results and trends for all activities in any class, simply and by scrolling through assessments and classes.

"Collecting and managing data is not your job... it's ours!" Our Dev team

Grow student success with data informed insights 

As teachers are well aware – and the evidence proves – student ability frequently spans five levels or grades in many K-12 classrooms. Nonetheless, all teachers face the same challenge: “how can I help each student succeed?”  In search of help, it’s not surprising that research confirms that over 87% of teachers want more detailed information about their students’ learning.  Because it’s our business to worry about this, we actually believe it’s not just “detailed information” teachers want, but “informed insights.”  In other words, no one should be buried in the data chaos of spreadsheets, markbooks and high-stakes assessments when dashboards and data explorers can diagnose gaps in student learning and provide adaptive and predictive “next steps.” This is the job we do for teachers.

Think about all the ways teachers assess student learning. Our calculations reveal that most teachers lose at least 50,000 data points a year across unconnected apps, external tests, "invisible" homework, and manually marked assessments. Missed data is lost opportunity for teachers to identify gaps in knowledge before they impact future learning. We help teachers automate assessment, catch unconnected data, and make it available for easy analysis, as learning happens.

Diagnostic Insights

Live Learning

Literatu lets you watch your students learn in real time. Observe students as they work at their own pace and get instant visuals of learning as it happens.
Immediately, you identify who is struggling and who is succeeding. Sometimes you will decide to act as learning happens to re-teach a skill or clarify a misconception.


Discovering how students think can happen in real-time, not that afternoon or days later when busy teachers finally get a chance to mark the assessment.

At Literatu, we load schools’ raw data from diagnostic tests like NAPLAN, PAT and Allwell, to provide an overall profile, giving a data-informed context into every student’s performance. We also analyse the various component pieces and collect it to also show student performance in the context of their classes.

Added to these external tests, we wrap around each assessment item extra details related to sub-skills and levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy to increase the diagnostic insights that can be generated.

Our mission is to search through learning data and provide the diagnostic insights teachers will find useful and share these in appealing and informative visualisations. At the heart of this mission is our drive to the silly classification of students as above, on, or below AVERAGE.  The data allows better precision and our students deserve more personal learning.

Dance, paint, create & write

We have not forgotten the artists, performers, creators, slideshow authors, videographers and pen-and-paper writers.  

Everyone knows learning is more than right answers, that real demonstrations of deep learning require authentic performances and comprehensive rubrics. Literatu makes this easy in a number of ways.

First, we’ve built a Paper Grading app that lets you define all aspects of richer tasks. Paper Grading allows you to set up an assessment in minutes and immediately grade student work using your smartphone, tablet or web.


The second aspect that makes it easy to grade is that teachers can use simple marks or brilliant rubrics, enter written or record aural feedback, or even take smartphone photos of student work and attach them to the “grade.”
While all this happens, we collect the same deep data we wrap around any other assessments, and flow it back to our insights. 

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