Your Personal Learning digital assistant

Because you are here, you understand that formative assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. By gathering data about your students as they work, you can fine-tune instruction to meet and advance their current learning level.

Our adaptive assessment technology elevates that process by automatically targeting assessment to each student's ability. 

Adaptive and live?

Literatu quickly becomes your full time digital assistant:

  • discovering what each student knows now

  • identifying where misconceptions started, including across grades

  • assigning what each student is ready to learn next

  • managing the trajectory of each student’s progress 

  • tracking individual mastery over time


Differentiation keeps students engaged and learning by giving them content at their level. It also appropriately challenges them with more difficult questions when they are ready. And it all happens automatically. 

Activate adaptive assessment quickly

Absolutely!  Live monitoring is available for both directed and adaptive activities.
With live monitoring of adaptive assessments, you can instantly see whether your students are demonstrating surface or deep understanding of the topic.  Our teachers don't have to wonder where their re-teaching should focus and what concepts need clarification.

The ability to home in on this level of data in the "here and now" of the classroom is revolutionary. 

Literatu is for teachers, not techies. It only takes a few simple steps to activate adaptive assessment.  Here’s how:


  1. From our extensive library and yours, choose a topic

  2. Select the number of questions you want to students to complete

  3. Choose a class & assign

  4. Watch it happen. Live monitoring of adaptive assessment is a first. You can watch students moving across levels of difficulty, across levels of learning. 

Enjoy the video!

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